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Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services in Minnesota are rehabilitative and enable recipients to develop and enhance their psychiatric stability. They avoid hospitalization, make healthy personal and emotional choices, and develop skills for independent living in the community. The symptoms of mental illness have often impaired these abilities.

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Types of Services Provided

Rehabilitative services are appropriate when they enable a recipient to regain or retain stability and the ability to function. We provide therapy to clients who are at risk of significant functional decompensation, and to those who are at risk of being forced into more restrictive service settings.

Basic Living & Social Skills

Clients are taught necessary social and life skills needed to manage their illness and meet the everyday requirements of independent living. Life skills, organizational skills, and symptom management maintain a person's independent functioning and prevent more restrictive living arrangements.

Community Intervention

Joshua's Journey promotes independent living and works to minimize the risk of hospitalization. We support a client in reducing or alleviating barriers to community integration and also provide chemical dependency education to those in need.

Medication Education

Our Clients learn the role of medications in managing mental illness symptoms. They also learn about the side effects of drugs. This service can be coordinated with but does not replace medication management.

Transitioning to Community Living

This service maintains continuity of contact between the rehabilitative service provider, the client, and the facility from which they are being discharged. Ongoing support is essential to successful integration in the community.